Illumination equipment and measurement devices

MRC offers a modular illumination chamber for reproducible photoactivation of samples as well as flexible LED-based optical arrangements for illumination of anti-bacterial or self-cleaning products. The illumination is based on different light sources and intelligent electronic controls. The system can be customized for specific applications with special design requirements and geometries.

We also offer measurement tools for the simultaneous determination of the photocatalytic activity.

The photos above show a UV illumination chamber in the standard configuration (left) and the transmission measurement through a Petri dish filled with methylene blue (right). The measurement can be integrated into the chamber.


  • Reproducible sample illumination with control of process parameters
  • Displays for temperature, humidity, UV intensity
  • Exchangeable UV-visible fluorescent lamps with different spectra
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Homogeneous light distribution

Additional options

  • Data logger for data recording and automation of experiments
  • Software for data acquisition and evaluation
  • Integrated climate control (temperature, humidity)
  • Optical measurements: transmission, absorption, reflection, haze
  • Automated sample placement by rotary disk (for fast evaluation and direct comparison)
  • Height adjustment
  • Integrated watering and de-watering
  • Timer control


  • Investigation of photocatalytic processes
  • Measurement with marker dyes according to DIN standard 52980 (Photocatalytic activity of surfaces - Determination of photocatalytic activity by degradation of methylene blue)
  • Photostability testing
  • Material testing
  • Methylene blue degradation test
  • Irradiation of cell cultures, bacteria, germs, etc.


  • UV light source: 4 tubular lamps 20-40W (different spectra available), G13-socket, length: 590 mm
  • Light power total (UV-A): 4x 5.2W
  • Wavelengths: e.g. 351nm, 365nm, 370nm, 400nm, 420nm, etc.
  • Housing dimensions: 680x400x480mm3 (lxwxh)

Further product information

Our UV LED illumination unit can be used for a homogeneous illumination of samples. The LED illumination unit including a lens assures a homogeneous light distribution with a very high parallelism of the light. The high light intensity at 365nm enables the activation of photocatalytic materials and samples.

Further product information

Measurement of photocatalytic activity

The detection system comprises a stabilized light source and a sensitive, calibrated photodiode. It enables the user-friendly measurement of light transmitted through a dyed fluid or other transparent materials. As an example the degradation of methylene blue during photocatalysis can be observed in accordance with the German standard DIN 52980 "Photocatalytic activity of surfaces - Determination of photocatalytic activity by degradation of methylene blue". A laser diode with a wavelength of 664nm can be used that matches the absorption peak of the dye.


  • continuous measurement by a flow through cuvette or a measurement frame
  • integrated peristaltic pump for the sample solution
  • software for automatic data acquisition and analysis available

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