Research & Development

Direct customization and current research projects

For MRC the direct customer support and R&D initiatives are very important in many ways:

  • Customization of standard products
  • Support of specific applications
  • Investigation of new opportunities in our fields of activity
    (medical technology, lasers & optics, MRI, pain research, stereotaxy etc.)
  • Continuous improvement of our products

We are always interested in getting your feedback or recommendations regarding our products, services, and new developments.

Research grants

We are and have been involved in various collaborative research projects in order to broaden our product ranges and to open our activities to new fields. The following list shows the titles of some of our research grants. Due to non-disclosure agreements with our collaborators we can not show details of these projects.

Laser & Optics

  • Secuspine: Safe laser operation system for the treatment of degenerative spine diseases
  • FLIM: Medical femtosecond laser for surgical use
  • Multilas: Minimaly invasive laser neurosurgery

MR-compatible cameras

  • MRCam Speed: Development of an MRI compatible high-speed video camera system and an eye-tracking application
  • Development of new MRI compatible components for stereotaxy

Medical optics / Biophysics / Neurosurgery

  • Gliotax: Optical spectroscopy for safe stereotactic biopsy
  • 3D-Endotomo: Highly sensitive optical verification and registration procedure for intra-operative correction of tomographic data (project info, German)
  • Neurotax : Use of optical information in the field of stereotaxy (project info, German)
  • The Surgical Mentor System - SurMe: Development of a 3D tracking tool for a training system

Neurology / Pain diagnostics

  • Biodisc: Development and evaluation of a thermal stimulation device for patients with neuropathic pain
  • SEMEPS: Biomonitoring system for peripheral physiological signals (info link of HTWK Leipzig, German website)
  • IMI-PainCare: Development of instruments for different studies on pain diagnostics and therapy (project info)


Optical measurement technology and development of light sources

  • Future Scales: Lightning technology for photocatalytic surfaces
  • Photokat: Photoactivation of antibacterial surface coatings
  • Ultrapur: UV illumination units for self-cleaning surfaces