Stereotactic systems

Highly precise introduction of minimal-invasive instruments into the human brain

Our stereotactic systems enable the precise introduction of minimal-invasive instruments into the human brain. For this purpose a rigid ring is fixed to the patient's head before the intervention. Then, based on images from computed tomography and/or magnetic resonance tomography, the neurosurgeon defines a safe approach to the target area in the brain. He makes use of markers at the stereotactic system that are represented in the tomographic images. Thus, he can use a targeting device to insert his instruments in a pre-calculated orientation. Our systems make use of Riechert-Mundinger or ZD/CAAT coordinates.

stereotactic instruments

The stereotactic devices comprise all mechanical parts:

  • Head ring
  • Aiming bow with targeting and guiding
  • Fixation components
  • MR/CT compatible localizers
  • Required accessories

Target point simulator

The simulator is used to verify the needle position before the intervention.

Stereotactic planning software

With our software development department we are actively involved in the following joint research projects for the stereotactic planning and navigation:

  • Neurotax
  • Endotomo
  • Gliotax

You can find further information about our software projects in Research.